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Crate Logistics

Container Logistics Management

Steel Packaging Logistics Solutions

Since 2008, Wright has offered container management, with a specialization in reverse logistics, for OEMs interested in reusable shipping container programs. Using our own container tracking software, and our team of experienced asset managers, we track, monitor, and automate crate shipments.  The logistics are carefully managed as the containers move from your factory to your dealers and then back to one of our depots for inspection, repair, and re-deployment to the factory.

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Our Process

There are many benefits to a reusable container program, including better product protection and less waste. However, users only benefit if the crates are in the right place at the right time. Properly managing this inbound and outbound flow of containers requires a dedicated staff, a reliable process, and a dependable supply chain. Wright’s Proprietary Logistics Software provides container tracking, customer service management, and dynamic reporting to support all OEMs' and dealers' needs. Wright employs proven processes and systems, which have been continuously enhanced for over a decade, to manage all aspects of the supply chain, including: 

  • Coordination of return shipments from dealers
  • Crate inspection and repair
  • Scheduling of timely outbound shipments to the manufacturer

At Wright, all programs are managed through our simple-to-use web portal. Your crates or our crates; either way we can help control your costs and simplify your container logistics.


Your Crates or Ours

For customers who own their packaging assets, we can offer complete container management programs using our proprietary software and network of established depots. We will track, manage, and automate your shipments, providing you with complete visibility into your supply chain and removing this burden from your internal staff. 

  • Improved product protection
  • Our depots inspect, repair, and redeploy to the factory
  • No tools and fewer labor costs are required
  • Eliminate packaging price fluctuation risk
  • No return logistics to worry about
  • No refurbishment or repair concerns
  • You concentrate on your core manufacturing business

Industry-Standard Crates - ZTR Mowers

This ”Per Use Fee” container logistics program manages and maintains Wright-manufactured steel, reusable shipping crates using a revolving pool of Industry Standard Crates. These standard crates are specifically designed to accommodate ZTR ride-on, stand-on, and walk-behind mowers from across different OEMs without requiring alteration for a specific brand. These crates provide efficient, safe, and secure shipping of ZTR mowers from the OEM to their mass retailers and dealers.  

We have a heritage of success in this arena, where we have built, maintained, and manage a fleet of several hundred thousand of these crates. Commitment to these programs established a set fee per crate, eliminating unpredictable packaging price fluctuation risk while enabling customers to focus on their core manufacturing business. 

  • OEMs benefit from standard crate sizes
  • No return logistics to worry about
  • No investment required, only commitment
  • No refurbishment or repair concerns
  • 90+% of all ZTR mowers fit in the "Wright Pak"
  • Eliminates packaging price fluctuation risk
  • Enhanced value proposition
  • Premium packaging
  • Improves product protection
  • Frees up warehouse space
  • No tools and fewer labor costs required
  • Mower set-up cost reduction at dealers
  • Dealers welcome unloading durable and neat packaging
  • Environmentally friendly, helping to reduce your carbon footprint

Create Efficiency with a One-Stop Shop

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We provide steel crate design, manufacturing and reverse logistics management of reuseable crates used by OEMS for shipping product to retailers and dealers. With Wright, you can simplify your container logistics with a single source supplier who can also help you reach your sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Promise

Sustainability is not a new concept for Wright. Our business model is defined by a sustainable process that continuously cycles from creation to use, repair and reuse. Our steel products, themselves, are both reusable and recyclable – making our product and our process a perfect fit for the circular economy.  This means that Wright can help you reduce your landfill waste and reach your sustainability goals.  

Additionally, our production methods are ecologically sound. Good stewardship and thoughtful consumption of resources are the bedrock of our approach to product development. These tenets are rooted within our culture and govern how our people tackle problem-solving for our customers.

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